A virtual law office is a different model of law firm - it offers legal services without operating out of a “bricks and mortar” building. At Cameron Business Law, we effectively use technology to facilitate our communication with you. When it is necessary to meet in person, for example, at the outset of a file, we travel to you.

The advantages of a virtual office are felt by both the client and the lawyer. By employing cutting-edge technology and putting in place efficient systems, a virtual office results in lower costs, greater flexibility, and significant time savings. The benefits to the client are readily apparent. A client receives quality legal service without the need to wait in a waiting room or spend time commuting to and from a lawyer’s office. By travelling to a client, a lawyer has a better understanding of the client’s business and the potential business law needs of that client. As well, all of a client’s records are stored electronically so that they can instantly be provided to the client. The reduction in overhead costs also allows Cameron Business Law to pass cost savings along to clients.

A virtual office gives me the flexibility to provide you services from anywhere and everywhere. If I travel to Toronto to meet with one client, I still have access at all times to documentation for another client in Bracebridge. My email, phone line, file system and fax messages are all accessible no matter where I am.

Because of the heavy use of technology, a virtual office must be extremely concerned with computer security. At Cameron Business Law, we use full disk encryption as well as anti-virus and anti-spyware software to keep your data safe. We also encrypt all emails and files sent to you by email to ensure that security is maintained over your confidential and privileged communications. We have retained an information technology consultant who provides guidance on best practices in computer security.

If you have any questions or concerns about our virtual office, please do not hesitate to contact Cameron Business Law.